Notes and thoughts

Camera with flash gels
Flour bag
Party popers
Jutter or no jutter
Shot deck

Notes for log line:
Strange world of the occult
Explain the reasons for protagonists meeting again and the why
Will they past drag them further into madness

Bfi somerset

Roberts dream watching tv, comedy show lying in bed, glitch screen with multiple images, the a child with long hair with a malnourished decrepit body appears on the screen. Unknown langauge is spoken bass blasts out straight after

Youtube platform of choice, reasoning being Joel haver and creative control

Horror festival’s are likely or something that accommodates arthouse films

Create a series of short film ideas to prepare for filling out youtube channel

Kurosawa ebsynth homage, Western with James lawrence gun props.

Improv comedy with James and Max, James ception shirt

Use contact for Sherborne castle perhaps period medieval short or horror in spirit of resident evil? interior location scout needed

Dance film with Ali, obtain a fig rig or gimbal

create return of the boycee certain shots required

create Fall guys devoid of humanity video, perhaps redundant if another rhythmic montage like boycee

Create bus driver tragedy thriller, loss of son, use of action man toy or something like that on dash as memory only in background (perhaps address in flashback memory of child) call to action when passenger’s son goes missing at stop. Will the bus driver get his revenge and save the child, conflict of past failure. based on Rodger megabus driver, maybe contact him, mentioned interest in film-work

Research task

My work is most certainly in the amatuer do it yourself level of filmmaking. I like to make props for my films and use post production to my advantage, which can range from using software like blender, AE, premiere pro and Ebsynth. 

I don’t have a particular target audience other than my friends and family and if other people enjoy elements or the whole piece that is fantastic. I certainly want to make different kind of films, I like horror mainly so my audience if I was to have one would likely be fans of films like blackcoat’s daughter or starry eyes, but I would like to do a kurosawa inspired westerner, with a mixture of stunts and gun effects alongside choreographed sword/spear fights.

I think that is why I have an affinity for the works from Joel Haver as he seems from an outsider perspective to embody what I enjoy from film. Just making stuff that you yourself enjoy, without any particular motivation and on occasion brilliant ideas are birthed from persistence. The platform he uses is youtube and self confessed that he has been doing it a long time and only really got any traction on that site after he started uploading his animations.

of his works I would have loved to work on his short video “99% of Men Make This Simple Mistake When Picking Up Women” and “I’m quite comfortable with my heterosexuality. Why do you ask?” mainly due to the environment I imagine it was created in. considering you can see the actors fighting the urge to laugh gives it a really wholesome appeal alongside some really fun and goofy editing which is something I definitely wish to try.

 There is something enticing about his work due to the majority of it being improved with limited structure which allows for bizarre jokes to slip through and story structures. I think it promotes itself mainly due to the youtube algorithm picking him up but with his talent in animation and sense of humour drawing in a crowd who share a similar sense of humour.

I find in his little bio videos less about the jokes his mentality about film is quite charming from my perspective and in truth I agree wholeheartedly with it. The idea that you just keep working on what you enjoy and equip yourself with the right tools to make your projects, making what you as an individual would want to watch and if that attracts an audience that is fantastic. 

Due to his popularity now he has taken to making merchandise with one of his friends which again is another aspect I aspire to, the idea of giving his friends a leg up with their work using his platform is just a wonderfully good spirited thing to do.

I think looking into Joel’s work hasn’t affected how I approach my craft but more how I look at it and wish to “market” myself. Using the platform of youtube to just make what I want to make with my friends and just keep getting better and create a collection of memories with my friends and family.

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